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Batch Reload Redcine-X RMD Raw Adjustments in Adobe Premiere Pro

July 29th, 2012 / By Angelo Lorenzo / 11 Comments

Update: Looking for a version of this tool for Premiere Pro CC and beyond? Check out Reset RMD as part of the Project Tools collection.

Premiere Pro CS6 allows you to import, adjust, and edit RED raw .R3D files natively and it stores those raw adjustments non-destructively in its project file. When you adjust your clips in Redcine-X Pro and reopen Premiere Pro, you may have noticed that these adjustments aren’t instantly updated. Within Premiere Pro, you have to right-click each RED .R3D file, select “Source Settings” and then click on “Reload from RMD“. You can try to select multiple RED .R3D files before going to “Source Settings” but this suffers from a bug in Premiere: Premiere will apply the RMD from the first file selected to all the other files. Try individually reloading 100+ clips.

I’ve created a simple utility that removes all Premiere Pro adjustments. This utility forces Premiere Pro to reload the current RMD settings for every RED .R3D file in the project.



  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 or Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5
  • Windows 7


  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 or Adobe Premiere CS5.5
  • Snow Leopard or higher (OSX 10.6.8)

v0.9.5 – Misc bug fixes. Corrected issue on Mac with saved file not using Premiere’s file icon.
v0.9.4 – Bug fix when encountering dynamically linked After Effects assets.
v0.9.3 – Major bug fix, increased speed, and added progress bar to avoid user confusion.
v0.9.2 – Matched Windows and Mac version number. Fixed bug when canceling open and save dialogs.

I downloaded the Mac version, what the heck is a .tar file? Double-click it, it will unarchive the program and you’re ready to use it.

Download Fallen Empire – Reset RED RMD for Windows v0.9.5 beta
Download Fallen Empire – Reset RED RMD for Mac OSX v0.9.5 beta

Copyright (C) 2012 Angelo Lorenzo and Fallen Empire. All rights reserved.


  • Casper says:

    Nice tool, thank you very much

  • Fernando says:

    Thank you very much! Very useful!

  • Lucia says:


    Do you know how to conserve the gradding of differents moments of the same clip?

    I do my editting in Premiere. I export that like XML, and open in RCP. There I need differents changes in the same clip. I don’t know how to export those changes to PP. Becouse, if i try like your post said, it doesn’t “respect” the different changes at the same clip. Can u help me?

    Sorry about my english!


    • You have three choices in this situation Lém:

      1) You can adjust in Redcine-X as best you can. Once the adjustments are brought into Premiere then you can do additional adjustments with Premiere’s 3-way color corrector or something better like Magic Bullet Colorista or Magic Bullet Looks.

      2) In Premiere, after you’ve done your initial adjustments in Redcine-x and used this app to reset your Premiere file, you can then duplicate RED files in your bin. You can adjust the raw settings of these duplicated bin items and then use a match edit to replace them where you need in the timeline.

      3) If you feel you need to control how the RAW file is processed through a longer post pipeline then you can select in and out points in Redcine-X and export a trimmed R3D file. This new R3D file is independent so it will have it’s own metadata you can adjust without disturbing other clips.

      My personal opinion is that #1 would be the quickest and easiest.

      • Lem says:

        thanks for the reply!
        i need some guides to export r3d trim with the corrections… cause i export in redcine x pro , comes put without the Colorcoretion i made.
        it exports only a r3d without rmd, so al the coretions i made are not included.
        thank u so much in advance

        • You may need to save corrections as a preset and then re-apply them to the new trimmed clips. Seems like it’s more work than it’s worth; I would look into other ways of streamlining your color workflow like the first option of the things I mentioned previously.

  • DashV says:

    Thanks for this!

    Unfortunately it does not seem to work with Premiere CC project files. :(

  • Devindra says:

    hi there, i’ve tried using the utility but it doesn’t seem to be working. it processes everything fine but when i reopen the premiere project all the settings are the same. i’m now sure what i’m doing wrong

    • Hello,

      I’ll reach out to you via email (if you entered a valid email address when making this comment). Anyone who reports a bug or issue, I’d love to get a copy of the project file to troubleshoot.

  • Michael Adrian says:

    fcking awesome! you are the man! thank you for this!

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