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Project Tools – A Collection of Tools for Premiere Pro Editors

Project Tools

Project Tools

$24.95 USD

Available for Windows and OSX


Project Tools v0.9.11 (Win)
Project Tools v0.9.11 (OSX)
15 day trial for new users or upgrade for existing users.

v0.9.11 – Improved issue with large projects crashing OSX version during saving, greatly improved speed of Rename To Source on both platforms. Fixed additional issues that shelved previous versions.
v0.9.8 – Patched Premiere Pro file processing performance.
v0.9.7 – Patched issue with saving Premiere Pro files.
v0.9.6 – Initial release.

Since this is recently released software, if you experience a bug then we’d love to know about it. E-mail info@fallenempiredigital.com.


Project Tools is a collection of utilities designed for Premiere Pro editors, especially those handling RED footage. This collection includes:

  • Rename To Source – A utility that renames all footage items in your bins and timelines back to the name of its source file. This is perfect for users who regularly export to EDL, AAF, OMF, and XML or those who want to tidy up their projects.
  • Reset RMD – A utility that resets all R3D adjustments in your Premiere Pro project so any changes made in Redcine-X are batch reloaded. Updated to support Adobe Premiere Pro CC save files. CS6 users can still use our free utility here
  • Sync RMD – A powerful utility that will sync RED RMD metadata files between two backups. Point this app at two top level folders and it’ll sync any matching subfolders – Sync entire backup drives in moments.


What versions of Premiere Pro do these utilities work with? Utilities that process Premiere Pro Project files have been tested with CS6 and CC on both Windows and OSX.
Why does Project Tools access the internet? Project Tools checks for a new version on start up. No identifying information is transmitted to us.
Why won’t Sync RMD won’t match any files? Sync RMD will only sync RED clips in their original clip (RDC) folders and with their original file names. This leads to the safest and most complete sync.
Why does Sync RMD or Rename To Source crash with large projects? While we’ve improved performance with large projects, there are 32-bit memory limitations with some large documentary or feature film project files. We strongly suggest trimming or splitting projects to reduce size in these cases.

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