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Convert Adobe Speedgrade .look Files to cineSpace .csp 3D LUT Files

June 6th, 2012 / By Angelo Lorenzo / No Comments


Working in Nuke, Maya, or any other compositing or 3D program? 3D LUTs are great for matching color between footage and composited elements.

On the flip side… how do you create a LUT quickly and easily? Adobe Speedgrade of course. Speedgrade saves presets in .look files that contain both program settings and a 3D LUT. If your program doesn’t natively support .look files then you can convert it with the following Python script (see how awesome Python is yet?).

You’ll need:

  • Python 2.7. Python is an interesting and extensive scripting language and shouldn’t feel entirely foreign if you’ve ever touched PHP, Javascript, or Visual Basic. Python 3.2 is available but it is untested with this script.
  • .look to .csp LUT python script by DBR

The process is quite easy: save the script in a text file with the .py extension then drag your .look files on it. The Python script will run and spit out a cineSpace .csp 3D LUT file perfect for use in Nuke’s Vectorfield node.

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