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Premiere Pro CC 2014 Quick Tip: Missing Trim Shortcuts

September 13th, 2014 / By Angelo Lorenzo / No Comments

After being locked in a dungeon on numerous Avid and Final Cut Pro projects, I’ve finally settled into spending some quality time with Premiere Pro CC 2014. Much to my surprise, it looks like the development team over at Adobe decided to remove the trim monitor panel shortcuts for “Focus Both Outgoing and Incoming”, “Focus on Incoming Side”, and “Focus on Outgoing Side”. After spending so much time with Media Composer’s trim mode, I started to hyperventilate thinking that Premiere’s trim mode would be crippled by the need to use the mouse.

Toggle Trim Type (Shift+T/Control+T) seemed like a reasonable replacement, but it meant having to cycle through all five trim types for any trim edit. After searching in the keyboard shortcut panel, I decided to set the following five commands to improve Premiere CC 2014’s trim mode.

  • Select Nearest Edit Point as Ripple In: F9
  • Select Nearest Edit Point as Ripple Out: F7
  • Select Nearest Edit Point as Roll: F8
  • Select Nearest Edit Point as Trim In: Shift+F9
  • Select Nearest Edit Point as Trim Out: Shift+F7

This allows you to use F7, F8, and F9 to select outgoing side, roll, and incoming side while in trim mode, like the old shortcuts, while using keys in close proximity to JKL.


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