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Demystifying Digital Cinema Camera Specifications – A Talk by Panavision’s John Galt and Canon’s Larry Thorpe

April 19th, 2013 / By Angelo Lorenzo / No Comments

Filmed in 2008, this talk is still packed with pertinent information. Referenced on a number of websites but missing from Panavision’s media page, I’ve taken the time to repost it on Youtube. In this talk, Panavision’s John Galt and Canon’s Larry Thorpe discuss the finer points of sensor design and how it relates to sensor resolution and the quality of the final outputted image. Other topics include 3-chip vs. single chip Bayer array cameras, the design of optical low pass filters and the concept of limiting resolution. It’s a natural extension of John Galt’s article on 4K resolution on CreativeCow.net.

On the rebuttal, RED’s Graeme Nattress jumps in with his opinion on the topic here and here.

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