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Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’s Michael Cioni on a 4K pipeline

July 23rd, 2012 / By Angelo Lorenzo / No Comments

Back in January, Michael Cioni of Light Iron took the time to talk to LAFCPUG about the future of a 4K pipeline using David Fincher’s Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as his example. He talks, in brief, about the acquisition process with the RED Epic and RED One, the editing process with offline ProRes LT files, conforming in Adobe CS5.5, and beyond.

The DIT is, more often than not, the bridge between principal photography and post production. While larger budget films usually have a cut-in-stone post production plan, a DIT on smaller productions may field questions on topics like: editing natively vs an offline/online process, what point in the process should sound be synced, how we handle dailies, and about a hundred other things. As Mr. Cioni says in the video: “Expanded knowledge in fields that closely border your profession enable you to take advantage of a large base to apply to problems you’ve never encountered before.”

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